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Renovation & Expansion Plan

Under Wraps!

The scaffolding is up and wrapped, allowing the mortar repair and brick cleaning to proceed even if it rains—and, more importantly, the wrapping will protect the building from any additional damage from water infiltration.

The site has been cleared—and with thanks to the Sag Harbor Tree Fund the grand tri-color beech has been relocated to Mashahshimuet Park, where it will be able to grow to its full fifty-foot height and spread. All other commemorative trees are being stored and cared for at 425 Main Street during construction. They will be returned to the library after construction as part of the new low-maintenance design comprised of native and bear-native plants.

And while all this is going on, we are also preparing the interior of the building —all of the commemorative plaques have been wrapped and stored, fittings removed, chandeliers and wall sconces wrapped and ready for rewiring, and lower level bookcases donated to Habitat for Humanity where they will be used in homes across the island. We’ve cataloged every window, erected scaffolding in the rotunda of the building to facilitate the removal and re-leading of the stained-glass laylight, and the historic Hope and Byram clocks have taken a sabbatical for repairs. Both these beauties were handcrafted in Sag Harbor. They will be returned to us at project’s completion, with all their weights and chimes and hidden hinges balanced, ready to mark time for another hundred years.

I like to think of the clocks ticking away in the library’s new addition, acting as a reminder of all the history we build upon as we move forward, and a reminder, trite though it is, that without the past the future would be dicey. The clocks will stand as a symbol of all those who’ve helped this library find its way, from local clockmakers, to landscapers to community organizations, to past board members and patrons—and you.

— Catherine Creedon

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5 thoughts on “Renovation & Expansion Plan

  1. Glad to hear that the library is going through renovation and expansion. Thank you for all your hard work and am sure that the community will benefit in many ways from the renovated library.

  2. Thank heavens for the good voters of the Harbor. At last, the thinking is over and the library can get on with the job…it needs some ok’s from the village boards etc but these should go quickly for it has been too long. Congrats to our Director for I feel that she came on at the right time and was the right person, also to the staff for putting up with the surrounding all those years…our thanks to all who worked so hard and dont forget the present board and their work…onward!

    • Thank you Dorothy! I too am grateful to my colleagues for their hard work and good humor, the board for all the hours they’ve given to the library, and to the people of Sag Harbor for all they’ve contributed to this process. Here’s to the months ahead!

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