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The John Jermain Memorial Library Adult Services Blog
Our goal is to create an interactive experience for adult library users on the web. We’ll be posting information about events and programs, library news, technology, and general tips to help you take advantage of all that the John Jermain Library has to offer. The final report of the  Community Library Committee is also available in blog format (which means you can post comments or questions). A full list of, and links to all the currently avaialble John Jermain Memorial Library sites can be found in the side bar at right under the Links heading.

As mentioned above, blogs are interactive, allowing you, the library user, to post your thoughts and suggestions as comments below each entry in this blog.

Why a Blog?
A library blog gives us a means to share information immediately and less formally than in traditional publications, such as the newsletter and even the website. A quick check here gives you an up-to-the-minute snapshot of what’s going on at the library. It also enables you to tell us what you think — to offer suggestions, ask us questions and give us your point of view. Ideally, the blog will become a community that builds better library service for everyone in the Sag Harbor School District.

Of course, we will maintain professional decorum. We ask that all comments remain respectful, neutral and library-related; we will be happy to provide information about the library and its services, but we will not engage in issue-oriented debates.

There are a few rules:

  • Respect everyone’s right to an opinion. Profanity, put downs, inappropriate language or content will be REMOVED from your comments.
  • No website links may be included in your comment; they will also be REMOVED.
  • NO PERSONAL INFORMATION such as phone numbers, IM screen names, other people’s names, email addresses or things of the same nature will be allowed on comments. This is for your safety.
  • When leaving a comment, you will be asked to “sign” the comment with your name and e-mail address. You may use first name, last name, both, or a “user name” you make up. Your e-mail address will not be published, but it must be real.

That said, we look forward to reading your comments online. Click below to get started.

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20 thoughts on “About It’s Germane

  1. Welcome to our world.

  2. This is a nice idea! I like it…

  3. please post your hours of operation someplace…at least someplace obvious like the home page thank you
    ( sorry if it is there i just don’t see it…)

  4. The Library’s hours of operation are on the “Library Information” page on our website. From the home page, clck on “Library Information” in the left column (with the red background). Our hours are right at the top of the “Library Information” page. Here’s a link directly to that page:

  5. Love the blog. Your services keep getting better and this is just one example.

  6. I think it’s great that you have two book clubs going at the library, but I already belong to one. Is there any way for JJML to provide books for private book clubs as well as your own? One of our biggest problems is everyone trying to get their hands on our current book in time for our next meeting.

  7. Dear Reader: Would love to be able to provide books for your private book club. We will check with Suffolk County Library System to see if there is a way to provide this service. Will let you know as soon as we hear from them. Thanks for reading and posting to our blog.

  8. Just wanted to let readers of this blog know this question was answered in Good News for local book clubs. The library can make multiple copies available for local reading groups even if you’re not part of the John Jermain reading groups. This is a very exciting turn of events!

  9. One might be very discouraged by a library board that does not take care of it’s historic and beautiful property…roof drain floods that damage interiors and materials, septic overflow floods that close the building, “masonry problems” which close the lower ( and only ADA accessible) entrance, electric lights with paper signs attached that say “Danger do not touch” leaving patrons scared and literally in the dark, not terribly healthy potted plants sitting on the window sill in the main stair in front of a leaking window with several steps covered in sheets of old newspapers to catch the leaking water….What are we to think about the lack of care given to a precious resource, while they are seeking almost $11 million for a new building.It sure makes me sad…and angry!

  10. Great blog

  11. Here’s a great library quotation:
    “My two favorite things in life are libraries and bicycles. They both move people forward without wasting anything.
    The perfect day: riding a bike to the library.”
    -Peter Golkin, museum spokesman
    Its from one of my favorite sites:
    ( A Word A Day)

  12. Dear Long Time Patron,
    The issues you raise are very real, and, believe me, of enormous concern to the Trustees of your Library Board. Please feel free to call any one of us to discuss our efforts to handle each of these matters. It’s not always easy to do things in a timely manner when you are trying to do them correctly and with the greatest respect for the greatest number of our village’s citizens. I hope that in the very near future you begin to sense a significant change in the wind, and encourage you to come to as many Board and Library Development Committee meetings as you can ( check this website for information ). Bear with us; we are genuinely working to better the long term health of our library, its patrons and its employees.
    Susan Merrell

  13. Love the blog and the website.

  14. Found myself checking out library website while updating the “Sag Harbor for Kids” brochure.
    Hope it catches on, but as we know everything takes time.

  15. I appreciate the SuffolkWeb connection. This last weekend I was able to connect only with multiple tries. Is something happening to the service. Please Advise. Thanks, J. Litsky

  16. Cathy and Board,
    It was a very good Board meeting yesterday. Well run, organized, informative. In addition the setting actually was helpful as one good hear better.
    Thanks, Nada

  17. Thank you Nada,
    And thank you for coming to the meetings of the Board of Trustees; the presence of the public makes the meetings lively, dynamic, interactive and meaningful. Hope to see you on March 19th.

  18. hi my last name is Germane!

  19. HI sir
    how r u ? u make every one, poor and rich ,simple and vip can read every thig he need , then can see well , because the person who never read abook that mean he didnt know what is life . thx for all and God bless

    qaiss h saeed

  20. Hi, I guess my favorite new books here are: Origins by Amin Maalouf; Arabesque: A Taste of Morocco, Turkey and Lebanon by Claudia Roden; Art of Mexican Cooking by Diana Kennedy; and the Bone Key by Sarah Monette. The new music cd’s I like are EuroGroove; and Hotel Chill Remixes. I really liked the DVD’s: The Closet; Grocer’s Son; Son of Rambow; Vanishing Point; & Joseph Campbell Mythos II.
    Lots of good new stuff!

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