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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

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Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn

I recently listened to the thriller Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn.  It has been on the New York Times bestseller list and continues to fly off the shelf at the library.  I’ve heard a variety of responses to it both highly positive and extremely negative and finally decided that I needed to see for myself what this book was all about.  First off, I’m glad that I listened to it, rather than read it.  I enjoyed the voices of the characters Nick and Amy, and felt I was pulled into their personalities by the narrators.  There were subtle emotional hints about their relationship being “off” right from the start.  I have heard complaints that this novel starts off slowly, but I didn’t feel that at all, I was pulled right into the psychological analysis of each character looking for the little things that might give one of the characters away.  Character development is phenomenal and the co-dependent psychosis that forms between Nick and Amy is staggering.  A great audiobook!

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