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   Genealogy is my favorite pastime.  I love to page through antique books and search out wills and things that contain lists of the offspring of our ancestors.  Now I’ve discovered that some of  the books we research have been digitized and are available online. is one place to go.  In the search box, enter the book you are looking for, for example: “History of the Town of Southampton,”  then select “texts” in the next field and “GO.”   Select your book and enter.  The next page has a nice red, white and blue format.  To view the book, select the format you prefer, e.g  PDF ,EPUB,  Kindle, etc.  Almost instantly, you have the book in front of you!  Just scroll down, move almost to the bottom and you will find the index, or enter the family name you are researching in the search box.  Have fun!

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