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We Love our New (Temporary) Home

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It’s bright and cheery. It’s clean and feels new. It has (limited) water views. It’s air conditioned. It’s in the center of town, near two very busy business: the post office and 7-11. What’s not to like? Our new home at 34 West Water Street (across from and a bit west of the post office) fits us to a tee.

Temporary Library interior

Entryway with seating area (WiFi accessible). Periodical collection on left wall.

Given the compromises we’ve made to fit into a smaller space, almost everything here is better than expected. We’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well we fit. And, because it’s fun to be in a new location, everyone – staff and patrons alike – seems to be in a perpetual good mood when they’re here.

Temporary Library Interior

The Main circulation desk at the temporary library. Door to the seminar room is at rear.

Our official sign is not up yet, so some folks have had some difficulty finding us. And, since our phone number has not been moved from our original home at 201 Main St. (see previous blog post for more on this), calling us is a definite problem (temporary number: 631-725-0758). But library users are still coming in in large numbers and using all our services…doing everything from checking out books to making photo copies to surfing the internet on our public computers, or via our free WiFi connection.

Temporary Library Interior

Children's collection, reading and quiet play area and game computers.

The photos will give those of you who haven’t stopped by yet a feel of what our new digs are like. But the best way to enjoy this lovely space is to stop by for an in person visit. What are you waiting for?

Temporary Library Interior

An area near the adult stacks with seating, the online catalog and public photocopier.

Temporary Library interior.

Several tables and chairs, aa well as a couple of comfy armchairs are available in a bright sunny part of the library for quiet reading and laptop use.

Author: John Jermain Memorial Library

The John Jermain Memorial Library is the public library in Sag Harbor, NY. Founded in 1910, the library building and initial collection was a gift from Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage to the people of Sag Harbor. From June 2011 to July 2013 the library will be located at 34 W. Water St., in Sag Harbor, while our historic building is renovated and expanded.

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