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From the Roof

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The view from the rooftop (the flat roof on which the dome sits) of the John Jermain Memorial Library is gorgeous looking north or west (nice sunsets too). While we don’t get up there very often (it requires climbing a possibly 100-year old ladder, and passsing through a very confining, but thankfully short vertical passageway, at the end of which you have to hoist yourself up using your arms), whenever there’s an excuse many of us enjoy the opportunity to survey the Village from on high. During the recent survey of the building’s condition, preparatory to beginning construction, I was offered the chance to document the work in photographs, and while I was up there, I took a few shots of the surrounding area. Granted, it was a rather dismal gray day, but in spite of the weather, the photos manage to reveal what truly lovely community our library surveys.

Looking west, we were surprised to find that we were able to catch a glimpse of the Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter Veteran’s Memorial Bridge.

— Eric Cohen

One thought on “From the Roof

  1. the roofing is nicely done. i can tell. its our job.. 😉

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