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View Plans and Renderings Online


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Proposed Floor Plans

Architects Rendering of Proposed Addition


Author: John Jermain Memorial Library

The John Jermain Memorial Library is the public library in Sag Harbor, NY. Founded in 1910, the library building and initial collection was a gift from Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage to the people of Sag Harbor. From June 2011 to July 2013 the library will be located at 34 W. Water St., in Sag Harbor, while our historic building is renovated and expanded.

2 thoughts on “View Plans and Renderings Online

  1. Monday June 29
    Congratulations to Director Catherine Creedon
    and staff and the LIBRARY BOARD and Christiane
    Neuville. Brilliant job. Good work
    Wonderful future.

    Valerie Justin

    • Thank you Valerie! And thank you for all of your contributions to the process to date. All of us at John Jermain are excited about the future, about the building project, and about all we can do for the community once it is completed.

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