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Help Us Document Contemporary Sag Harbor


2007 was Sag Harbor’s 300th Anniversary. To honor that milestone, the 300th Anniversary organizing committee and the John Jermain Memorial Library have teamed up to document Sag Harbor as it is in 2007 and create a publicly accessible archive of images, sketches, digital video, and words both spoken and written. We’re going to create the archive, but we’re relying on the Sag Harbor community to provide the data. That’s you!

Using the media of your choice, please document some aspect of Sag Harbor as it is today. You can take photos, draw sketches, shoot a video, make a recording of your thoughts, write an essay, or do a combination of any o f the above. Then bring your creations to the library for uploading into the digital archive. As soon as we have a significant amount of material, we will make the archive accessible to the public from our website. The public will also be invited to leave comments on the website.

We’re particularly interested in what you value about Sag Harbor today, so keep that in mind when you’re out shooting photos, sketching, or whatever you choose to do.

This is our first attempt at a project like this, so please bear with us as it evolves. And, if you’d like to get more involved with the creation of the archive, just ask! We’ll be happy to have your help. Direct all questions, comments and submissions to me, Eric Cohen, here at the library. My phone is 725-0049, ext. 37 and my e-mail is (Please do not e-mail photos, videos or audio files – bring those to the library for uploading. Thanks.)

2 thoughts on “Help Us Document Contemporary Sag Harbor

  1. Visit the Library’s Flickr page to see the photos that have been submitted so far.

  2. Or see the photos on a map of Sag Harbor showing approximately where each one was taken (also on our Flickr page).

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