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Summer is almost here

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Summer is almost here and that means we will have an influx of people who might be here a month, 2 months or even from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Come in and get a library card and enjoy all the benefits that it provides. Anyone here a month of more is entitled to a Library card.  Just bring proof of [temporary] physical residency-lease, letter from landlord, utitlity bill.  You then will be entitled to all the same privleges our regular patrons are.  If you have any questions-please call 725-0049.  We would love to help you.

Author: jjpat

Hi, My name is Pat and I have worked at the John Jermain Library for 17 years. I am currently the Circulation Supervisor and the Program Director.

One thought on “Summer is almost here

  1. well written pat

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