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We are increasing the number of books on cd that you may borrow from the library.  I often write reviews of adult, teen and children’s audiobooks for several journals.  It always amazes me that a wonderful book can be made less so if the reader is not accomplished.  Evident expression, a strong sense of pacing, and the ability to change tones are essential in a good reader.  George Guidall is probably the king of all readers, having recorded thousands of books for the company called Recorded Books.  I just listened to the latest MC Beaton Hamish Macbeth mystery which had a reader who brilliantly handled the Scottish accents.  I know Scotland very well and he was so precise as to speak with a Glaswegian accent for those characters, the Highland intonations, and the upper class BBC Britain accents.

Often, it is the books for children and teens that feature the most inventive and exciting readers.  The Lemony Snicket books are narrated by Tim Curry who is nearly on par with Harry Potter narrator Jim Dale.  Did you know that Jim Dale gets those huge Harry Potter books the same time we all do and he has a weekend to read the latest one and come up with accents for the multitude of characters Rowling uses.

If you need any recommendations, I’d love to talk audiobooks with you!


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B. Allison Gray is the Director of the John Jermaim Memorial Library in Sag Harbor, NY.

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