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Downloadable Audio Books are Coming to JJML

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Watch this space for more information on downloadable audio books. Sometime in the next couple of months, JJML will introduce books that can be downloaded from our website to your home computer, and then played on a personal listening device (MP3 player).

Most popular brands of MP3 players will be supported — but not iPods, sorry. (This is due to Apple’s use of proprietary digital rights management (DRM) software. The books in our collection will be protected by Windows DRM, which is not supported on the iPod.) JJML will also have a small number of MP3 players to lend to patrons, so if you don’t have your own — or have an iPod — you can use one of ours to listen to the books you download.

More info coming soon…

One thought on “Downloadable Audio Books are Coming to JJML

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