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Brrr! It’s the perfect day for a cozy mystery by the fire

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Happily, our furnace is working today so if you want to brave the elements and drop by, we have lots of good, cozy reads available for you.  On days like this, I especially like to sit in a comfy chair, with a cup of chai tea in one hand, and a cozy English mystery in the other.  Some particular favorites are: the Hamish Macbeth series by M. C. Beaton (which take place in my beloved Highlands of Scotland), the Ellie Haskell series by Dorothy Cannell,  and who can resist the challenging mysteries by Iain Rankin?  Do you have any particular favorites?  I’d love to hear about them.

Gee, now I wish I were at home reading!  Stay warm out there.   Allison

Author: jjdirector

B. Allison Gray is the Director of the John Jermaim Memorial Library in Sag Harbor, NY.

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