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Due to the condition of the masonry just under the roof eaves and the frighteningly large piece of masonry that fell several weeks ago, scaffolding will be put up at the Library. On Monday, Nov. 27, they will put a protective walkway at the side, handicapped accessible entrance. When they have completed that, they will put protective scaffolding leading up to the front door of the building.

Engineers checked the building thoroughly on Friday November 17th. They found that there are areas of the roof where water is leaking between the exterior wall and the eaves. When this water freezes, it can cause the stone to split and separate. The engineering firm estimates we can get through one more winter before the problem becomes acute.

Please use caution when entering the building. When the scaffolding is up, please walk underneath it so we can be assured of your safety. We have professionals checking the roof for the leaks. They will produce a report delineating the items that must be fixed next year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please phone me at 725-0049 x23.

Author: jjdirector

B. Allison Gray is the Director of the John Jermaim Memorial Library in Sag Harbor, NY.

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