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Meeting at library described local comm’s findings re the future library needs of the Sag Harbor School District

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On October 25, the Library Development Committee held a standing-room-only meeting to discuss the findings of the Community Library Committee, its recommendations to the Library Board of Trustees, and the work to date of the Library Development Committee.  Audience members were given the opportunity to ask questions. 

A number of common questions were asked and answered.  For example, the audience wanted to know why the library cannot expand on site with or without the purchase of property behind it.  Fred Stelle, Chairman of the CLC, noted that the committee decided that the main reason was the negative impact a large library would have on the historic neighborhood.  It would not just be during the long construction phase when roads would be closed for months and so on, but rather the fact that if the library expands it can expect at least double its current usage.  This would create even more traffic, parking issues, and safety issues.  Ultimately, the CLC felt that the best option was spreading the increased use between two buildings.

Fred Stelle brought two large charts with suggestions that committees have made for uses of each of the 2 library buildings.  You may see them outside the Director’s office.  You are also welcome to come take a copy of the CLC Recommendation to the Board, a 90+ page book explaining every process and train of thought that brought the committee of members representing all parts of the Sag Harbor School District to the consensus they ultimately reached.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please call me at 725-0049 x 23.  This is my direct line.  Also, bear in mind that in November we will hold a meeting concerning square footage needs and possible costs. 

This has been and continues to be a completely open process;  we welcome the opportunity to clear up any misinformation out there and to hear your suggestions and thoughts on where we are now.

Author: jjdirector

B. Allison Gray is the Director of the John Jermaim Memorial Library in Sag Harbor, NY.

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