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Forget Google, Ask a Librarian

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In the following excerpt from the blog What I Learned Today, written by Nicole C. Engard, she directs our attention to a very interesting article about the strengths and weaknesses of search engines (like Google).

That’s right, CNet, a technology news site is telling users to visit their local librarian instead of using Google for research. In an article titled Most Reliable Search Tool Could Be Your Librarian Elinor Mills tells readers:

“While the Web is good for offering quick results from a broad range of sources, which may or may not be trustworthy, librarians can help people get access to more authoritative information and go deeper with their research.”

As an example of an “untrustworthy” search result, CNet points out:

Using the keywords “Martin Luther King,” the first result on Google and AOL–whose search is powered by Google–and the second result on Microsoft Windows Live search is a Web site created by a white supremacists group that purports to provide “a true historical examination” of the civil rights leader.

Click the article title above or the link at right to read the whole story on CNet’s

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