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John Jermain Library tries to offer movies that will appeal to different tastes.  The first Sunday of the month for the last three years the Friends of John Jermain Library have sponsored a William Shakespeare series.  We have been presenting each of Shakespeares plays done in the original version for BBC in the order that they were written.  We are coming to a close on this wonderful seriers August 6th we will present “The Winter’s Tale”- September 3rd we will present “The Tempest” and the 37th and final play “Henry the VIII” will be presented October 1st.  It is not to late to participate in this fine experience.  On the first and third Friday of the month at 6:30 pm we try to offer current movies recently realeased on DVD July 21st we are going to offer “Syriana” George Clooney was awarded the 2005 Best Supporting Actor Acadamy Award for his performance.  The second Friday of the month we try to offer an Independent film.  Friday July 14th at 6:30 pm we will be offering “Yesterday”.  This film is spoken in Zulu with English subtitles. This film was a nominee for Best Foreign Film-Independent Spirit Award 2005-official selection Toronto Film Festival and London Film Festival 2004 and winner  of the Human Rights Film Award Venice Film Festival 2004. We hope that there is something here that appeals to everyone.  Love to get suggestions to improve our selections.

Author: jjpat

Hi, My name is Pat and I have worked at the John Jermain Library for 17 years. I am currently the Circulation Supervisor and the Program Director.

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