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The Next Round of Computer Classes – Updated

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As announced in the May-June issue of the JJML newsletter, the next session of computer classes will be offered in August. The exact courses to be offered will be announced in the July-August newsletter which will be mailed to all residents of the Sag Harbor School District during the first week of July. As always, there will be an official day on which registration opens. For this session that day will be Tuesday, July 18th at 10:00 am. You may register in person here at the library or by phone. Call 725-0049, ext. 37 on or after July 18, 2006 at 10:00 am. No registrations will be accepted before that time. Around the time the newsletter is mailed, we will also post a list of the courses being offered here, and on our website.

The courses being offered in the summer session are:

  1. Computer 101 (4 sessions)
  2. Computer 102 (5 sessions)
  3. All About Blogging (5 sessions)
  4. Protectiing Your Computer (1 session)

More information is available in the July-August newsletter and on our website.

One thought on “The Next Round of Computer Classes – Updated

  1. Love these computer classes-they really helped me. Highly recommend but they are hard to get into so call early and often.

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